Housekeeping Aide

The ideal candidate is energetic, organized and has strong multitasking abilities. Housekeeping aides should be committed to learning and complying with osha standards for nursing homes. Candidates should be able and willing to help in any area of the housekeeping or laundry department as needed.

Housekeeping Responsibilities

  • Complete daily cleaning schedule in accordance with facility policy.
  • Follow and perform infection control procedures.
  • Ensure all safety measures are used when housekeeping duties are being performed (e.g. Wet floor signs, chemicals are secured and labeled, etc.)
  • Observe infection control procedures related to the housekeeping department.
  • Follow osha regulations as they pertain to the housekeeping department.
  • Assist with laundry duties

Qualifications for Housekeeping Aides

  • Previous skilled nursing setting preferred.
  • High school diploma or ged preferred, ability to read, speak and understand English.
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